A woman is a sex object: a journey into facts

'A woman’s heart and pussy are interconnected'

A woman is a sex object.

It is fun, it is smart, it is there…for a reason.

You wouldn’t be reading this if your mom wasn’t your dad’s ultimate sex object, at that particular moment, in time.

Being a sex object is not derogatory in nature. In fact: it is a gigantic compliment of phallic proportions.

It also doesn’t mean that you are treated less than a human being when you are being observed as a sex object. On the contrary.

You are human being and a sex object, wrapped into this amazing package of all that is driving him nuts.

#Fact: Feminism gave women more equal social rights, and rightfully so. But it took away love, since it decided to meddle in our private evolution as a species.

Due to this meddling, human beings have become utterly clueless about their innate nature, the art of relating included.

Feminism still continues to propagate a purely masculine trait into the lives of females, namely: competition, and primarily with men.

Every genuinely intelligent, feminine woman will laugh-out-loud at the above. As in: choose your battles wisely.

#Fact: The masculine grows through competing with another masculine; the feminine grows through praise, and not just from her own kind.

The masculine man wants to be respected, primarily for his thoughts, as that is how he feels cherished. While the feminine woman wants to be cherished, primarily for her feelings, as that is how she feels respected.

And guess what: both complement each other, are each other’s complementary opposites. How logical, isn’t it?

#Fact: The more our society removes this natural gender polarisation, the more unhappiness and confusion penetrate our lives.

The battle of the sexes isn’t a myth, either. It is purely the result of healthy polarization, since it creates irresistible sexual tension.

The interpretation and terminology are simply wack, as it’s based on persistent ignorance.

There’s a good reason why love goddesses of past eras have also simultaneously been goddesses of war. Our ancestors weren’t fools. They seemingly understood universe’s interplay of energies much better than we pretend to do now.

I dare bet sex was better back then, too. In certain ancient erotic traditions, the man who didn’t satisfy a woman sexually, was actually found guilty of violating her.

It is a myth as well, more and more repeated in contemporary books and media, that man can only hold his liquor for a very brief amounts of time.

Reality remains, however, that he can keep it up for many hours on end, multiple orgasms included, and no ejaculate in sight.

Wild guess what this means to the woman.

#Fact: A woman’s heart and pussy are interconnected.

There’s a reason why she tends to lose her all for the guy who made love to her like no other guy did. Coming in(to) her pussy, is coming in(to) her heart, and securing the lock.

But okay, you say. What about the so-called bad guys? Why do so many women fall for those types?

The answer might surprise you. You see, it is nothing more than an initiation. Your sort of own private apocalypse, the lifting of the veil of illusion, the gateway into the choice of choosing! What feels right, what feels wrong? Some women, alas, never graduate, yet complain, without end in sight…

If a woman’s instincts aren’t damaged by confused ‘liberal’ and blame-game upbringing, and / or society’s beliefs and influences, she will fall only once for this bad guy phenomenon, only once.

“Ok!” you say. “What about all the hatred? What about all the negativity present in our daily lives?”

#Fact: The emotion of hatred deals with denial of masculine energy within our own selves. The emotion of negativity – with the repression of feminine.

You see, all of us embody both feminine and masculine energies, at all times. The balance is simply different.

Almost all of this world’s female population is naturally more feminine energy inclined, as men are towards the masculine. It is a sizzling polarisation, which creates babies and stuff, is responsible for great sex, and great misunderstandings which lead to great sex, and cute, intelligent babies.

Q: So what happens when you remove this sizzling gender polarisation?

A: Well, for starters, your lust for life will start to vanish along with your sexual drive. Unhappiness and unfullfilment will grow, expand, explode. You will want to wage war, as that’s your inner state.

Plus you will have the unexplainable urge to fill your gaping gaps with stuff and issues that are not a priority in your seemingly never-ending pursuit of genuine happiness outside of your own self.

A repetitive matter of daily occurrence, and something to talk about, endlessly…

#Fact: Heart is the first organ that is being formed in the womb, and the last one to go. In Chinese medicine this is a very special organ, and in a way illogical. As it is a fiery Yin organ, or better explained: a fiery masculine energy one, which is still innately feminine in nature.

Heart-based sexuality doesn’t have the need to for promiscuity.

#Fact: Intimacy is really like a big endless room of pitch-black darkness.

Sexuality is just the top thin delicious layer of sweetness on that yummy cake, cherry included.

Another interesting development in our contemporary society: women’s fantasies of getting raped.

There’s only one group of women who has them: that is the group which has never been sexually ravished.

This group is basically sexually and sensually starved, ready to be rescued from their own selves.

Sex toy industry thrives because of it.

Q: What is the difference between ravishment and rape?

A: It’s love. Of a mutual kind.

#Fact remains: a woman’s innate nature wants to be dominated, to be claimed… by the man she loves. Now, that indeed, doesn’t include any form of abuse from either one of the participators. So no: no one is a victim here.

#Fact: According to ancient Chinese tradition, a woman is 16 times physically stronger than a man.

All martial arts traditions know this fact very well. This is the main reason why female fighters have always been so feared.

But this fact also explains how a woman is able to push a baby out into the world! It has nothing to do with lifting weights! Her strength is in her interior energy, while his is in his exterior one.

Which brings out the topic of incorrect physical cultivation, but that’s another article…

But back to the basics! All of us should’ve learnt at school, in separate gender classes.

A masculine energy man will want his lass to be a stay-at-home and /or part-time-work-at-home kind of gal. Feminine women want that same thing, too.

Yet what does feminism do? It tells this majority of women that they are traitors undermining solidarity among women.

Now, speaking of which. This solidarity among women… is only possible to a certain extent and in certain circumstances. Solidarity among men, on the other hand, is a natural thing. Solidarity among women is a more complicated phenomenon, and somehow it rarely applies to women who womenfolk are envious of…

Feminism also excellent in its attempts to demonize flirting.

#Fact: Flirting is an art, and one that is becoming increasingly misunderstood, and even endangered.

…While our hormones’ health continue to heavily depend upon it…

(Oh, wait a minute… Doesn’t pharmeceutical industry cash heavily on cancer…? Hmmm.)

The woman is a sex object, you say, huh? I say: DUH!

Looking good, smelling good, walking slowly, enjoying the sway of her hips, her turn-on, and the moistness between her legs! There, I said it.

Well, don’t even try discussing this with the feminist cult members. #Fact: Cults do not allow criticism, nor are their members allowed to ask critical questions within the inner structures of that same cult.

It is also this same ol’ feminism which keeps on hammering (pun intended) that the woman should become sexually liberated. Lust, lust, lust! Yo! Keep them all safely trapped in all of their lowest energy regions, highway to heart stuck in traffic jam of worthless artificial arguments! Whoa.

#Fact: Women are drowning in negativity, especially towards the men.

#Fact: Men’s hatred of women increases.

Both are signs of reversed or artificial polarization. That’s right: our beliefs and upbringing can pervert our natural flow! What a farce. This is when the literal battle of the sexes takes place! And it gets ugly, on top.

How much effort does it cost to be something you are not born to be? Tremendous. Imagine the plus and minus of a battery deciding to switch poles might they’ve had a mental body to reason with? Disaster! Hell! Pole shifts! Floods! Earthquakes! Mass extinction!

Confusion! En masse.

The radiant feminine extinguishing its natural light. The centered masculine melting its core.

So I am not sorry to bring the news to you in such a shameless manner, being woman and all:

#Fact: A woman has always been, and forever will be a sex object. An object of desire. A symbol of pleasure.  

The only power in the universe to get the lovely man out of his lovely stuck-in-the-head modus operandi.

#Fact: It is through his woman that a man experiences life. How life reaches him.

And yes… also through the highway of his genitals. As his entire universe revolves around it; unlike the woman, who is the universe swirling on his good-good surfboard style.

This highly esthetic piece of god-like equipment, designed for both genders to land deeper into the exquisite energy of the heart, to experience complete love (ask Kali!), by heightening the sensations and deepening the pleasure, instead of desensitizing it, denying it, or what the fuck else.

No robots or sex toys will ever substitute any of that in any possible future! As humans can be pretty ignorant for a prolonged amount of time, but they are no fools in the very end…

In Russian language the word for human being involves the word eternity.  It is eternity coupled with wisdom. ‘CheloVek’.

Russian culture, both ancient and modern, has a lot to teach the confused West. Word!

So, darlings. Toss your dumb-phones to the side, switch off your yes-nodding televisions, log out of your social media accounts. Get frisky instead! As in: get your freaking groove on! Engage in messy limbic resonance connection! Meet each other face-to-face and body-to-body! Rub! Now.

Women: drive him nuts with your sparkling feminine and sensual self. Don’t censor yourselves, don’t censor each other, and don’t you dare apologise for your shine.

Men: drink it. Dare ask for more. In fact: get on your freaking knees,  right now, and fucking beg her. For more! Juice! Sparkle! Orgasm! A big yes, after all that rejection.

For fuck’s sake: enJoy! This life’s too short to waste. And you better spend it on stuff that expands your joy, not diminishes it… while cashing on your unhappiness, simultaneously.


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